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We have recently been scammed by Google for the advertising we earned from the Live Sport PRO apps (Streaming for NFL, NBA, NCAAF, MLB, NHL). At the same time, they have suspended our advertising monetization account. Currently, we are facing difficulties on team maintenance costs such as server fees, stream personnel costs, office expenses... Therefore, we would like to call for support so that we can continue to maintain this service, even if we are no longer paid by Google. Thank you very much. Your support will be the motivation for us to continue to do the current job well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I stream games to my tv if there's not a YouTube link (without mirroring my phone) Well here you go:

Step 1. Download webvideo caster
Step 2. Go into the LiveSport Pro app.

* New filelinked code for update on firestick 86605156
* APK File download: mega.nz
Step 3. It will then either open up in a browser if that's the case copy the link from the address bar or it will give you the option to open it with a specific app if so you can click webvideocaster
Step 4. You'll see a connect button in the webvideocaster app this will connect to any dlna device, Xbox, PlayStation, firestick, roku, chromecast etc... So after connecting to the device you want to stream to
Step 5. You'll see a yellow play button click that and then click the media file and it will stream to the device of your choice
Attached are some pictures if you need to see it visually

How To Watch Live Sports On A Firestick - Guide On YOUTUBE

2. How To Install Mouse Toggle For Fire TV or Fire TV Stick Guide:

Step 1 – Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources
Step 2 – Enable ADB Debugging
Step 3 – Install Downloader
Step 4 – Enable JavaScript within Download Settings tab
Step 5 – Type in the following shortcut to download Mouse Toggle depending on what Fire TV device you are using – some Fire TV devices require Mouse Toggle 1.06 to work properly.
Mouse Toggle 1.11 for Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, Fire TV Stick 1, Fire TV Stick 2, Fire TV Cube: troypoint.com/mouse
Mouse Toggle 1.06 for Fire TV 3, Fire TV Edition: troypoint.com/mouse106
Step 6 – Install Mouse Toggle when prompted
Important Note: The Fire TV 3rd Generation and the Fire TV Cube has a bug that affects the mouse position unless the display settings are set to 1080p 50Hz. This issue also occurs with a real hardware mouse. So a temporary workaround until this is resolved is to adjust the display settings via the Fire TV settings (Settings – Display & Sounds – Display – Resolution – 1080p 50Hz).
More: https://troypoint.com/install-mouse-toggle-fire-tv/

3. Use "Set Orientation" android app: com.afterecho.android.setorientation

4. Cast Web: Open Link, at Live Streaming Screen, Go to upper right hand corner and press on orange icon, it’ll prompt you to open in browser. Press that and you’ll get full screen.

5. If you need support, please mail to sportsnews.league@gmail.com or join our private group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/livesport.discussion

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